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Keith Dunlap Reviews our VAP Arrows on

bhn logo smVisit the link below to check out Keith Dunlap's review of our Victory Armour Piercing V1-350 Shafts with Penetrator Inserts:

Check out Southern Draw Outdoors New YouTube Channel!

sdo logoVisit the link below to check out Southern Draw Outdoor's new YouTube Video Channel featuring Victory Arrows!

Hog Hunting with Justin Mason and Wes Alexander of Team Victory

describe the imageCheck out the video Justin just put together from a recent hog hunt to South Carolina. It is the first for Team Victory Archery (the 2010 Campbell Outdoor Challenge Circuit will begin airing in January 2011). Team mate Wes Alexander smokes a 230 lb pig with a bow at 18 yards and Justin is behind the lens!

Visit the link below to view: Press Release for VAP Arrows just put out a Press Release for our new VAP Arrows and Penetrator Inserts!

Please visit the link below to view:

Staff Shooter of the Month July 2010

njamersonOur very 1st Staff Shooter of the Month is --- Nicholas Jamerson!

Nicholas is the son of Desmond and Kim Jamerson, and at only 13 years old has made quite an impression on all of us at Victory Archery. Once you read through this article he will have made one on you as well. Nicholas has racked up numerous 1st place finishes in tournaments (17 trophies so far) that he has participated in. This up and coming archery prodigy spends a lot of his free time practicing on the family farm in the mountains of North Carolina which tells us he is committed to being the best. Partnering up with Cooper's Trading Archery Shop has enabled Nicholas to afford to shoot at the level he has clearly proved capable of being at.

The Jamerson's sold off the cows and turned their pasture land into a 3-D shooting range that the entire family can use and enjoy. After doing his homework and mowing A LOT of lawn he gets out his Mathews bow and shoots 50-100 arrows a day. Nicholas has some great company when he is shooting including Levi & Samantha Morgan who have taken the time to give this young superstar some pointers. He also takes the time to help his younger sister Alyssa who shoots the Victory 600 series, and we're thinking she will be a future Victory Staff Shooter with such a great teacher.

Becoming the very first Victory Staff Shooter of the month is just one of the many accomplishments this young man has made in the last few years. Using a bow to take a deer at the ripe old of 10 is one of them. He is also a straight A student and when he isn't shooting Victory Arrows, he ties his own flies and heads down to the river for some fly fishing. His father Desmond went to Brazil for some missionary work and told us how Nicholas kept up the farm, mowed the 3-D range, and helped make sure things went well around the property while he was away. This is a lot of responsibility for a young man of 12 years, who is active in the local youth groups himself. We aren't sure, but he might have a clone running around somewhere helping him accomplish all of this in only 13 years.

We are proud that Nicholas shoots Victory arrows. A lot of people can learn from this young man and talking with him and his father on the phone for twenty minutes I was personally very impressed. It is easy to see where Nicholas gets his dedication, values, and incredible drive to live his life pursuing goals. We are very proud to give you the FIRST Victory Staff Shooter of the Month-----NICHOLAS JAMERSON!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations and the best of luck with all you do Nicholas. You've earned this award and we are excited to see where life takes you. It is truly a pleasure and a honor to have you as a Victory Staff Shooter.

Jason Balazs of Reviews our VAP Arrow!

yt snap smJason Balazs from has just released his review of our Victory Armour Piercing Arrow! He compares the penetration of our VAP arrow vs. our VForce arrow. To check out his YouTube video, please visit the following link:

NanoForces are now Victory Armour Piercing

describe the imageOur NanoForce arrows are now Victory Armour Piercing. Visit the VAP product page for more information.
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Victory Archery Signs Bob Fromme

victory 002Bob Fromme, world class bowhunter and successful business owner has recently joined Victory Archery as a member of its Elite ProStaff and as Product Development Consultant.

Marty Connolly, CEO of Victory Archery, announced the signing at that company’s corporate office.

“Bob Fromme comes to us with an impressive resume. Not only does he possess successful, real world experience in the field of hunting, business and the archery industry but also has proven knowledge in product design, development and marketing. We are looking forward to having Bob on our Victory Team and are confident he will be one of our greatest assets as we continue to develop and innovate within our current and future product lines.”

Bob Fromme has been in the archery industry since 1981 and the owner of Performance Archery, San Diego, CA since 1983. Bob has assisted numerous companies in product design and as a life long bowhunter, taken numerous record book animals. In addition to being one of a very few bowhunters to have taken all 28 North America animal species Bob has also won 4 California State Broadhead Championships.
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