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VX-22 Carbon Arrows for Targets

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Features and benefits:

The best of both worlds! With an outside diameter of 0.344" you get a larger diameter shaft hunters want as well as the line cutting performance needed in competition shooting. Pin bushings and Bohning pin nocks included. Glue in points and screw in insert sold separately.

  • Made with the highest quality carbon composite fibers available.
  • All VX-22 arrows come with a smooth polished finish and feature Bohning double lock pin nock bushings and nocks.
  • VX-22 series are sorted to +/- 3 grain weight tolerance per dozen.
  • VX-22 arrows have an inside diameter of .300 and an outside diameter of .344.
  • VX-22 series are +/- 3 grain weight tolerance per dozen.


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Available in straightness tolerances of:

+/- .001, .003, .006   Straightness/Weight Tolerance +/- .5grains


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