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VX-22HV Carbon Arrows for Targets

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Features and benefits:

The best of both worlds with additional speed. The VX22HV has all the benefits of the VX-22 but in a much lighter version giving you those additional FPS everybody is looking for. Pin bushings and Bohning pin nocks included. Glue in point and screw in inserts sold separately.

  • Made with the highest quality carbon composite fibers available.
  • All VX-22HVarrows come with a smooth polished finish and feature Bohning double lock pin nock bushings and nocks.
  • VX-22HV arrows have an inside diameter of .300 and an outside diameter of .334.
  • VX-22HV series are +/- 3 grain weight tolerance per dozen.


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Available in straightness tolerances of:

+/- .001, .003, .006   Straightness/Weight Tolerance +/- .5grains


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