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Average Joes Huntin Show

Average Joe’s Huntin’ Show is a hunting show about average, blue-collar American guys and girls who hunt on a budget—with time and other constraints like most people. 

The market is flooded with professional hunters who have the all the money, time, land and equipment to go anywhere on earth to hunt. This show will showcase the average American who doesn’t have many of those luxuries.

Here at the outdoors are a big part of our desires and traditions. We have now joined up with the Pink Arrow Project to help fight and find a cure for breast cancer. Our goal is to help those that have life threatening illnesses or disabilities that do not have the opportunity to hunt to feel there dreams. These hunt's are provided at no charge to the hunter. We also want to provide the public with the best guide services, reviews, and products available. Please join us to make this possible. Thank you and God Bless.

Pink Arrow Project

The Pink Arrow Project is about "Archers Helping Archers." 

The Pink Arrow Project is important to everyone in archery. This is allowing each to give back to our archery family.When you take up a bow and start going to events you become a part of something that is greater than just the event, you become part of a community that is worldwide, and archery is a wonderful community.

Started in 1996 by avid Bowhunter Robert Hoague, took off right away. Robert wanted a place to share his bowhunting adventures with others and for them to share theirs. Today it is the #1 Bowhunting website on the internet with a ton of bowhunting and archery articles and information. We reach well over a million people a year!

Three Timbers Outdoors

What are you passionate about? Three Timbers Outdoors is a fellowship of Christian outdoorsmen whose life revolves around three passions: God, family, and the outdoors. Whether it’s the sound of a turkey gobbling from the roost at the first crack of daylight or the majestic sight of a whitetail buck making his way through the timber, there’s nothing on this Earth that God hasn’t left His fingerprints on. 

Three Timbers Outdoors exists with the sole purpose of connecting outdoorsmen with the God that created the outdoors that we love and enjoy so much. Whether it’s coming to know Him for the first time or strengthening a bond that’s already there, we want people to experience firsthand the saving power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Currently, we are in the process of developing a half hour show for television and DVD’s that bring together our three passions in life: God, family and the outdoors.

Próis® Hunting Apparel

Próis Hunting Apparel for Women (pronounced ‘pro-iss’) provides female hunters with a long-awaited line of high-performance, technical huntwear specifically designed for women who are serious about the hunt. Próis utilizes only performance fabrics that offer wicking, waterproofing, windstopping and silence. Combining high-end fabrics with our signature features such as scapular drop pockets, magnetic closures, snap-down zippers, lumbar compartments and thumbholes makes Próis the gear women demand for the hunt. Your pursuit is your passion…take pride in not being one of the guys.

Xactalike Outdoors TV

A New, High Impact, Viewer Interactive, Hunting Show on The Sportsman Channel, were they are giving Jesus Christ all the glory and bringing it to you "Xactly How it Happened". So watch as your hosts Gordon, Stuart and Team Xactalike give viewers the chance to tell their hunting story and win a hunt of a lifetime, while searching out wild game, friendships and memories... because after all, it’s the friendships and memories that are the real trophies!

My Outdoorzone

OWN THE ZONE TV: The rules of the game are simple. Know your goal and have the BEST time getting there. That's the ZONE TEAM's perspective. Watch every episode and you'll see that there is never a dull moment when the ZONE TEAM's involved. Once again they’re traveling the country TRYING to hunt big game. Follow along; you might just see a fellow member along for the ride.If you don't get the channel follow us on the web:

The best scouting camera on the market for a reasonable price to the consumer. With our 'Quick Shot' technology The user can choose 1,2 or 3 shots, which allows the camera to capture animals that might be following one another. 

Our 'early detection sensor' technology helps eliminate missing or just capturing the tail end of an animal that might cross in front of the camera at a quick pace. 

We, as a company, spend months upon months developing each product and studying what you the customer want and require from a product. We cherish our partnership with our customers and look forward to assisting them in experiencing God’s great creation.

Non Stop Hunting

Jeff Ensor and Darrell Wright hail from a small town in rural Texas and have grown up hunting game every shape and size. Their passion for the sport comes through in everything they do, from preparation for a days hunt, to their excitement after a solid harvest. Jeff and Darrell have lived in the outdoors all their lives and now you can join them on their exciting "Nonstop Hunting" adventures.

Shoot Like A Girl

Shoot Like A Girl (SLG², Inc) is a company dedicated to empowering women to participate in shooting sports with confidence. We do this in two ways - through service and sales. Our service is that we have partnered with eight bow manufacturers (compound bows from BowTech, Hoyt, Mathews, Limbsaver, Alpine, Diamond and Athens Archery; and recurve bows from Lancaster Archery Supply) and travel around the country at events related to the archery industry in some capacity that have a large number of women spectators, and we provide women a once in a lifetime opportunity to try multiple bows in draw weights and lengths that fit them. We also provide and educational service on our web site with information about shooting sports. Our sales (also a service) is that we combine products that enhance a women’s ability to participate in shooting sports, with a huge focus on one stop shopping for hunting clothing specifically designed to fit women. We offer these clothes at competitive pricing that allow women to side by side compare products. All of these services and shopping opportunities assist us in empowering women to participate in shooting sports with confidence.

Gator Trax Outdoors

Since the inception of the notion to make it in the outdoor filming industry, Chad and Dana have been on a mission. They want to set a new precedence. As a young, energetic husband and wife team their relentless pursuit to capture the best the outdoors has to offer will make audiences want more each time they watch their footage. This edge is key to making their product a certain success. 

Premier's Thursday, July 3rd on Direct T.V. Channel 611 

Show Times: 
Thursday's: 7:00 p.m CST Sunday's: 11:00 a.m. CST

Young Guns Outdoors

Introduce a child to the outdoors and you will create a memory that will last a lifetime! 

Tommy and Mark Hutson are the founders and producers of Young Guns Outdoors. We have both been avid hunters and fishermen for most of our lives. When we heard that 75% of American hunters were over the age of 40 we knew something had to be done. That's when Young Guns Outdoors was born. With all the activities to occupy our youth out there today, the excitement and character-building fun of hunting and fishing has been pushed aside. We are committed to bring the magic of the great outdoors to a new generation of hunters and fishermen! 

Most of the outdoor industry today is directed towards the adults... NOT US! Our organization is targeting our youth and their families. Our goal is to rekindle the father and son or mother and daughter relationship. 

One thing we are excited about is that you can go to our website and watch each week's show at any time. We are constantly making changes or adding new segments to our website, so check in frequently to see what's new. 

There is an old saying, "take your kids hunting so you won't have to be hunting your kids." There has never been a more true statement. That's why we are trying to reach as many families as we can 

Thanks, Tommy & Mark Hutson

Beyond the Kill

White Knuckle Productions was born from a vision of a different kind of hunting video. It was our goal to show the entire season of the serious whitetail hunter, not just the few minutes leading up to a kill. Our passion for whitetails never ends, it only continues into the different seasons throughout the year. Shed antler hunting, spring scouting, summertime glassing for velvet bucks, late summer scouting, and treestand set-ups are as important to us as the time we spend on-stand each fall. We show it all - the highs, the lows, and the true reality of pursuing and hunting trophy deer. At White Knuckle Productions we are dedicated to hunting 100% fair-chase, without the use of guides or outfitters. The majority of our hunts are with bow & arrow because close encounters with big bucks are what we live for! If you are tired of watching the same old hunting videos, break away from the routine and join us Beyond the Kill.


We have began filming our 2008 season and are looking forward to sharing all of our adventures with all of you.

We will be airing on the Sportsman Channel starting October 1st, 2008.

Don't forget to tune in!

Show Times:
Tuesday Mornings at 1:30AM - Eastern Time. 
Wednesday Evenings at 6:00PM - Eastern Time.

DeSantis Hunting - Experience Real Hunting

We strive to provide our viewers with a hunting experience that is real. A video that is based on honesty, truth, and hunts our fellow sportsman and women, can relate to, yet be entertained by. Real hunts in real situations.


Backland Outdoors & Camo

Scott created his first camouflage pattern back in 1989; BackLand patterns are used worldwide to this day. "My goal when creating camouflage was to deliver to our customer the most effective camouflage on the planet. BackLand is proud to be the choice of today’s hunter. Welcome to the BackLand Camouflage family of patterns."

Xtreme Outdoors

Xtreme Outdoors is a hunting video production company that prides ourselves in bring our growing valued viewers a entertaining, educational & exciting line of new aged hunting DVD's. We will be filming hunts from the North East to the Mid West in some of the top hunting states in pursuit of mature Bucks. The Xtreme Outdoors Team has been assembled with some of the top hunters in there respected regions that spend thousand of combined hours scouting, preparing food plots, traveling, hanging stand sets, retrieving game cam photos & hunting all season September thru January. Each Xtreme Outdoors DVD has been produced to bring you thrilling fair chase hunting entertainment that can be shared with the most serious hunter & the entire family.

LBK Outdoors - Livin the dream... in camo

LBK Outdoors was formed by a group of individuals from the Northeast with a common interest in bowhunting. Actually, interest isn't the right word, passion is more like it. We eat, sleep, and breathe bowhunting. This website is intended to be a place to share our passion with the world and give other hunters an opportunity to spend some time and hopefully become part of the LBK Outdoors family. Over the last few decades, we have seen a dramatic decline in the amount of bowhunters in our great country. It is our goal to reach out to those people that feel passionately about bow hunting and unite the team, ultimately bringing new members to the sport that we love so much. In our site, we will share some of our stories from the field, present media from these experiences and share reviews of some of the products that we rely on. We are in the process of putting together our 2010 hunting media season right now...stop by and check out our periodic updates to our progress. And remember....Bowhunting Rocks! We appreciate you visiting and hope you love the site. Please feel free to give us any feedback or advice on the site. Thanks for visiting.

Fairchase Whitetails TV

We have began filming our 2008 season and are looking forward to sharing all of our adventures with all of you

We will be airing on the Sportsman Channel July, 2008

Mon - 8:00 PM
Thurs - 1:00 PM
Sat - 3:00 AM

All Times EST

Struttin Buck Outdoors

Traveling the country one state at a time, the Struttinbuck team aims to bring real life experiences as well as creativity to each and every episode. From hunting every type of

wild game, to fishing all types of water, we'll bring you the actual footage as took place through the eye of the camera.

One of our goals is to incorporate the knowledge of a seasoned generation so that the upcoming sportsman can continue on with the pride and traditions of the great outdoors.

Often we will feature outdoor celebrities as well as everyday hunters who have proven to be successful in the past in our "sit down conversation" that will focus on tips and techniques to improve the quality of our sport. From humor to heartache, we will celebrate the trophy’s as well as discuss the one that got away in the all new adventures of Struttin Bucks.

Quality Archery Designs

Quality Archery Designs is located in Madison Heights, VA.

Since 1992, QAD has been designing and manufacturing archery accessories and bow hunting equipment that work.

"Our Target is Your Success" is the motto we rely on for motivation in every new product we design. With over 75 years of combined QAD Staff archery experience, whether in the woods, or on the target range, you can be confident when using our products!

Good Hunting, and Enjoy God’s Creation!

Outdoor Insights “That’s Deer Hunting”

The Outdoor Insights Team takes you on non stop Whitetail Deer and Turkey hunts across the country. Nate Cline and the Team hunt hard to bring you the most exciting action on television. You can catch the show every Friday at 4pm eastern on the Pursuit Channel, 611 on DirecTV.


Building memories, relationships and friends is what Adventure Game Calls has been doing for 15 years.

We specialize in game calls and Western Big Game Hunts. The ranch lands you will hunt encompass two different ranches. Much of this land has easy access roads for four wheel drive vehicles and ATVs. These private ranches are located approximately 20 miles west of the city of Trinidad, Colorado and 15 mile North of the New Mexico border.

M2D Camo

M2D Camo is an innovative new camouflage pattern originally designed to be worn in the CRP fields of the Pacific Northwest. Although the concept originated from the need for a camouflage pattern specific to this region, the versatility of the Camo pattern allows it to adapt to a wide variety of hunting environments, including majestic mountains, sagebrush flats, river valley bottoms, marshes, to wide open fields.

Aim Low Productions

Keith Riehn and Robin Parks of Aim Low Productions have set the standard for bowfishing media. After releasing “Aim’n Low Volume 1 & 2,” which were action packed DVD’s filled with record size fish, they decided to expand into the world of television. “Aim Low Bowfishing Journals” was a huge success in 2007 as it brought bowfishing to the homes of outdoor enthusiasts across the nation. Currently, Aim Low Productions is nearing the release of two new hunting DVD’s, the “Can’t Get Enough” series, with awesome hunts including, trophy whitetail, wild hogs, wild turkeys, and much more. The Aim Low Crew takes pride in delivering high quality footage of 100% fair chase hunts. Be sure to stop by their website, as they are constantly updating ongoing journals, trophy pictures and video clips. Aim Low Productions plans to hit the TV screen again in 2009 with lots more hunting and bowfishing action!

Magnus Broadheads

Magnus-The leader in cut on contact broadheads since 1984 has been a mainstay among bowhunters for years.

Quality construction, excellent flight from any bow on the market, and total confidence in the field add up to the best bet for a solid broadhead.

The Snuffer SS broadhead is made of 100%stainless steel and spin-tested before packaging to insure flawless flight from the fastest bows on the market.

This 3-blade broadhead comes razor-sharp right out of the package and will deliver devastating results on any game animal in the field.

The BuzzCut stands apart with its chisel-cut serrated main blade... a blade unlike any other serrated blade on the market.

Starrflight FOB

The StarrFlight FOB is a single part that replaces any type of three or four fletch application, either vanes or feathers that are normally applied to arrow shafts. 

Shoot and stabilize large fixed blade heads with FOBs . The FOB fletched arrow will fly faster, truer and hit harder than anything that has ever been marketed before. 

As soon as the arrow leaves the string, the powerful steering forces of the FOB's ring wing instantly stabilizes the shaft flex paradox that all arrows are subject to when shot. At the same time, the three FOB struts impart an quick and consistent spin on the arrow. Since the FOB arrow stabilizes more rapid than the fletched arrow, less speed robbing air friction is spent in the first few yards of flight enhancing the FOB arrow velocity delta over the fletched arrow. The stability that the FOB imparts on the arrow makes broadhead tuning simple and the arrows fly true regardless of arrow speed or cross wind forces. Big broadheads at high velocity under complete control - WOW!*

bowhuntingohioThe best of Archery hunting in Ohio.

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